M.W. Jean Jacket - 14oz Denim / Glitch Stitch

By Needles
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SKU: NS170

This denim jacket has a conceptional design that combines a switch-like method expressed by the shading of the denim and a design that dares to stop sewing in the middle. The orthodox straight silhouette is suitable for a variety of styles and remains timeless. The jacket itself has unique details such as two frontal pockets, pleats, asymmetrically placed rivets, and a cinch back, all of which set it apart from the so-called "royal road" design. This item also features a matching pant, which offers the same unique glitching. 

Size Chart

M (length 61cm, width 60cm, shoulder width 50cm, sleeve length 58cm) 

L (length 63cm, width 62cm, shoulder width 52cm, sleeve length 59cm)

XL (length 65cm, width 64cm, shoulder width 54cm, sleeve length 60cm)