INVINCIBLE believes in using our platform to support our local community by championing causes that promote a healthy lifestyle and planet. For Air Max Day, we’re partnering with two women leading this charge in their own right, singer and actress Eva Celia and Innandya Irawan, co-founder of Through them, we want to bring awareness to climate change and clean living for a better future.

Our goal is to educate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of individuals and institutions to bring awareness to climate crisis. During the week of Air Max Day we will be doing our small part. For every NIKE purchase we will be donating a portion of our sales to CarbonEthics in the fight to decelerate the climate crisis. Proceeds will go to the restoration and conservation of a “Blue Carbon Ecosystem” benefiting the livelihood of coastal communities.


A heralded 2013 Air Max 90 is flipped to celebrate the iconic silhouette’s 30th anniversary. The evolved look comes to life with a Duck Camo pattern taking center stage over a vibrant infrared base. Furthering the shoes homage to the 2013 iteration is a snakeskin-inspired Swoosh. All coming together in the Air Max 90’s recrafted build, the vibrant design is a true celebration of the timeless silhouette’s 30th anniversary.

For a chance to purchase the Nike Air Max 90 Duck Camo read below.

It’s Air Max Day. A day for the community, by the community. Get creative, stay connected, and inspire one another.

Eva Celia believes in living a healthy lifestyle. For Mama Earth and as individuals. We all have a chance now to shape the future. For this year's Air Max Day, let's enjoy and celebrate indoors. #MAXFROMHOME #AirMaxDayINVINCIBLE
Co-Founder - Innandya Irawan

"We are The Avengers of Blue Carbon Ecosystem!

We strive to limit the impacts of global climate change.
As #BlueCarbonAvengers we believe in community-centric carbon sequestration - working hand in hand with local communities to protect and restore the coastal ecosystems that help safeguard our climate."

INVINCIBLE Jakarta will donate a portion of all the sales from the Nike merchandise during the week of Air Max Day in the fight to save our planet.



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